These are just a few excerpts from the many letters and emails that we receive. It should be noted that several of these writers have since been taken on by our agency.

'I'm just writing to say thank you for the superb reading review that you sent me regarding my novel....'
Mr Paul R Colchester

'...Thank you for your kind comments and advise regarding my manuscript. I shall do as you suggest, beginning next week.'
Ms Jan S Brighton

'Thank you for your very welcome and encouraging letter of 17th...'
Mrs Pearl R Guernsey

' Dear Friend, thank you so much for the much needed advise that has been given concerning my manuscript.'
Mr Stephen H Dorset

;Dear Chambers, I would like to thank you for your letter regarding my book .... After reading through your letter I'd like you to know that I too agree with all the suggestions that you have made.'
Ms Emma D Surrey

'....Once again a huge Thank You for all your help getting to this point. It has been a hard journey, but you have been so patient with me all along. Now that 'The Hoax' is published I will press on with the sequal.
Mr Danbo Collins Hereford

'...Thank you for considering my manuscript ... and for the feedback you have given. I am currently addressing the minor points that were raised....'
Ms Kat N Derby

'Thank you for your impressions of my novel. they were very encouraging. I shall give your advise careful consideration and let you know what I decide.'
Mr Andrew B Cardiff

'Hello again,I am writing in regards to the manuscript I sent to you for your review, titled.... I would like to say thank you for your comments, which were constructive and extremely helpful to me. this letter is confirmation to you that I will be following your advise fully and taking the appropriate actions.'
Miss Leah W Rotheram

'Thank you for taking the time and effort to read and consider my manuscript. i have read your response very carefully and considered what Chambers Literary Agency had to say and the advice given. I can confirm that I shall be happy to do what it takes in order to fine tune the novel and prepare it for final publisher submission.'
Mr John J Glasgow

Even unsoliccited comments on 'You Write On .com' website...

'...Anyway they sent me a very detailed critique of my work, outlining where I had got it wrong and where I had got it right, in their opinion. i found their response to be by far the best I have ever received. In fact based on their observations, I have comprehensively re-written the book. I'm now really happy with it and feel it's the best it has ever been.'

'...This was the first time in five years I have managed to get beyond a receptionist to speak to an actual agent!.......I had my manuscript copy edited and Chambers Literary Agency have since taken me on, and we are talking to two publishers. It is all very exciting.'